Here’s the Article:

Recently, I saw one of those articles “40 Things A Woman Over 40 Shouldn’t Own” and, well I just turned 49 and thought to skim through the latest “rules”.

One thing you might already know about me – if someone tells me I shouldn’t/can’t do something, I’m gonna do it – even if it is to my detriment.  When it is time for an oil change or maintenance on my car, a light comes on the dashboard that says, “Maintenance Required”.  Well, I translate that into an order and…I’m just stubborn enough to ignore it even though I KNOW I should get my oil changed.  I just wait a bit and get it changed when I’m good and ready and not when my car tells me I should.

Silly, yes.  And pointless!

But, when this article came out…my stubbornness kicked into overdrive.  Keep in mind, the following is just my opinion.  Feel free to agree or disagree.


I agree women over (and under) forty shouldn’t use J-Lo perfume.  Not sure why since I’ve never smelled it and I’d probably like it.  I just have this aversion to anything celebrity endorsed.  So yeah – I won’t own J Lo perfume but not because I’m over 40.  Well, to be honest, I won’t own it because I don’t use ANY perfume.  Maybe scented hand lotion?  But even then, my skin is so annoyingly sensitive, even that sometimes irritates my skin.  (I digress)

The Ugg boots – yeah, I can see that.  But I’m also of the age that I think – “Hey, if shoes are comfortable, I’m gonna wear em!”  So no – if you like Uggs.  Wear ‘em!  And there’s absolutely no reason a woman over 40 should wear shoes that aren’t comfortable unless she wants to!

Apparently, women over 40 should get rid of any tights or stockings with runs/snags/tears.  My reaction…Honey – why are you wearing stockings?!  Let them legs go bare!  So much more comfortable.  In the winter – yeah, a pair of tights.  And no, I probably wouldn’t wear a pair with holes or runs in them, but then again, if I pulled on a pair that had a hole or run in them I’d 1) put the shoe on to see of the shoe covered up the hole or 2) go without tights because I hate the way they feel anyway.

Now the article goes on to say that a woman should never carry a nylon duffle bag. She should upgrade to a leather one.  Huh?  Why?  Yeah, leather would be nice.  But…seriously?  I just don’t have time to find a good leather duffle bag when I have a perfectly useable roller bag – easier than a duffle – in my closet.

A woman over forty shouldn’t drink alcohol if it comes in plastic bottles?  Um…well, I’ll confess that I have some of those.  And my confession is even worse because I don’t know how old those bottles are!  But no, I’m not going to get rid of them because I don’t have time and I just don’t care enough to clean out my alcohol cabinet.  Seriously?!

There were a few other things that I don’t own so I didn’t care about – but then it got into issues with hair accessories.  Sorry – but if I could ever find another scrunchie, I’m keeping it because they were GOOD!  They didn’t break my hair, they were fast and added a bit of color.  If that makes me out of style, well, I’ll just tromp through the grocery store in my Uggs and scrunchie and get my business done and be completely out of style.  But the claw clips?  Sorry – but those are a staple in my hair-drobe.  I curl my hair and pull it up on top of my head during the summer almost every day.  (Okay, so I don’t curl it every day.  I’m lazy and some days – no one sees me!)  I don’t have headbands, but if I could find a comfortable one, one that doesn’t pinch that space right under my temples or behind my ears – you better back away from my headband!  I’m keepin it!

No printed leggings?  Wait just a minute, honey!

I’m not allowed to wear them?  Um…don’t even try it!  I’ll just have to be tacky because during the winters, that’s all I wear.  Leggings and a fleece sweater – just hand me a scrunchie and smile like I’m not making you cringe.  I love my printed leggings and I can’t wait until the new styles come out next month and I can stock up on more!

Then there’s the rule against a cork bulletin board.  Firsts of all, why is a bulletin board wrong?  And secondly, why would someone get rid of a bulletin board?  If someone can organize their life using a bulletin board – what’s the problem?  The article states that there are electronic bulletin boards that make a home less cluttered.  Pinterest is fabulous!  But I can’t pin my kids’ school reminders on Pinterest.  I can’t stick the torn off piece of notebook paper on an electronic board that reminds me to send a check in for camp or a colored sticky with a scribbled date on it that reminds me of the bills to be paid, important phone numbers (yeah – I have these in my phone too) and a whole host of small pieces of paper I need to keep track of and don’t want to accidentally toss in the recycling bin with the millions of pieces of junk mail I get every day.  They’re pinned on the cork board and I don’t care.

Apparently, tassels aren’t allowed for women over forty?  I have no idea why someone would wear tassels outside of a strip club, but if someone felt pretty wearing tassels, go for it!  Why would anyone waste space telling a woman over forty that she shouldn’t wear tassels?!

Oh – and the beat up bras?!  Sorry, but bras are sacred!  Once I find a comfortable bra, I don’t care how ugly it looks underneath my sweaters, I’m keepin’ it!  I have lots of pretty bras.  I have bras from VS and specialty stores.  I have miracle bras and diversity bras and bras that could probably sing the Alleluia Chorus.  But when I want reliability and comfort – I’m going for the old one that’s broken in!

No low rise jeans for women over 40?  Well, go back a few paragraphs to my legging issues and you’ll understand when I say that I actually don’t own a pair of jeans.  But ladies – if I ever lost enough weight to look good – or even fit – into a pair of low rise jeans, I don’t care what age I am, I’m gonna wear ‘em!  I’m gonna wear ‘em and I’m gonna flaunt that I’m rockin’ those jeans!  I have no idea why woman over forty shouldn’t wear low rise jeans if she feels pretty and sexy in them.  Go for it ladies!

And we’re not supposed to have dust ruffles?  Um…sorry, but how am I supposed to hide all of the stuff I’ve shoved under the bed?

We’re supposed to not write in purple ink?  Why not?!  That’s just crazy talk!

Cheap jewelry?  I can’t afford the real thing.  So let’s pause a moment while I surf my favorite online stores so that I can find another cheap boho bracelet!

There are other items on that list that I don’t understand and won’t even touch.  Because my point is – when a woman turns forty, or fifty or fifteen or thirty – and something makes them feel pretty or powerful or comfortable or…whatever…go for it!  (Okay – please wear appropriate clothes to the office.  J )   But when you’re just heading to the grocery store, I see absolutely no need to don a pair of jeans, cashmere sweater, leather spike heeled boots and have one’s hair completely done up.

Just be yourself.  Wear whatever makes you feel good!  And ladies – could we please stop judging everyone?  Fat, skinny, tall, short, wearing a peasant blouse with printed leggings and Uggs – if it makes you feel good, then go for it.  Let’s move away from body shaming and style shaming and ageism and sexism and racism and embrace everyone for who they are deep down inside.  Find the kindness within every person and celebrate that everyone is different and beautiful.