The Samara Royal Family Series

Learn more about Ramzi, Turk, Rais, Ciala, and Shantra – children of Sheik Jiran and his beautiful wife Ava! The Samara Royal Family Series will begin with a set of introductory stories to give you a bit of background on these children before the books in the series describe how they find love later in life.  Learn more on each of the individual book pages below, and download the free Introduction – available soon!

The Samara Royal Family Series Introduction
Pregnant with the Sheik’s Baby
(February 19th)
The Prince’s Intimate Abduction (March 18th)
The Prince’s Forbidden Lover (April 15th)
The Sheik’s Captured Princess (May 13th)
The Sheik’s Jealous Princess (June 17th)

Samara Royal Family Series IntroductionPregnant with the Sheik's BabyThe Prince's Intimate AbductionThe Prince's Forbidden LoverThe Sheik's Captured PrincessThe Sheik's Jealous Princess