The Seductive Truth

The Seductive Truth – Book 3

Tallia and Stephen – The Seductive Truth

A conservative republican and a liberal democrat. Oil and water. Cats and dogs. Two worlds
that should never comingle. And yet, Tallia couldn’t seem to resist Stephen’s charm, wit and his
brilliance, even though he spouted the opposing political views from her own.
Stephen took one look at the beautiful woman and knew that her bleeding heart ideas weren’t
going to get in the way. He dismissed her political views and only saw the brilliant, beautiful, witty

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Published December 2, 2017.

Part of A Christmas Wedding Novella:
Book 1 – Stolen Time (11/18/17)
Book 2 – A Passionate Mystery (11/25/17)
Book 3 – The Seductive Truth (12/2/17)
Book 4 – Doing the Right Thing (12/9/17)
Book 5 – Making Her Smile (12/16/17)

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