Making Her Smile

Making Her Smile – Book 5

Phillip and Marie – Making her Smile

Marie had been in love with her boss ever since the first week she’d started working for him. But he was engaged. Off limits.

And then he wasn’t! How had it happened that she was in the Caribbean – with Phillip!? He was supposed to be here with his new bride but Lillian was married to someone else and…Okay, Marie wasn’t sure what was going on.

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Published December 16, 2017.

Part of A Christmas Wedding Novella:
Book 1 – Stolen Time (11/18/17)
Book 2 – A Passionate Mystery (11/25/17)
Book 3 – The Seductive Truth (12/2/17)
Book 4 – Doing the Right Thing (12/9/17)
Book 5 – Making Her Smile (12/16/17)

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