A Passionate Mystery

A Passionate Mystery – Book 2

Becca and Alex – Passionate Mystery

Oh, the delicious possibilities that the handsome man presents! But only for a week. Alex
Beauchamp was a native of New Orleans while Becca was a New York City woman – determined to
conquer all obstacles. But during her week in New Orleans, she didn’t want to face any obstacles. She
wanted Alex.

Alex was thoroughly amused that the dark-haired beauty had mistaken his profession.
Unfortunately, untangling her misunderstanding would be more difficult than he’d anticipated.


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Published November 25, 2017.

Part of A Christmas Wedding Novella:
Book 1 – Stolen Time (11/18/17)
Book 2 – A Passionate Mystery (11/25/17)
Book 3 – The Seductive Truth (12/2/17)
Book 4 – Doing the Right Thing (12/9/17)
Book 5 – Making Her Smile (12/16/17)

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